Our mobility access team at YourCare Medical Supply makes sales calls and home visits everyday to people who are no longer able to safely navigate the stairways in their homes.  More often than not, we can solve the problem with a stairlift. People have a lot of questions about the various stairlifts on the market and what is best for their home.  We put together a list of the most common questions that arise to assist folks throughout the fact finding – info gathering stage of the purchasing process.


Q: I’m not sure how sturdy the walls are. Will a stairlift work anyway?

A: Absolutely!  This is a common misconception. Your stairlift will not mount to your walls in any way. It actually attaches to feet that are screwed into the treads of your steps. The walls aren’t an issue.  We often install stairlifts on staircases that just have banisters, or no walls or rails at all.


Q: My spouse and I will both need to use the stairlift. What do we do if one just rode it up and the other needs it downstairs?

A: You use the call/send remotes.  All stairlifts that we install come with wireless call/send remotes for the top and bottom of the stairway. These can be wall mounted or stowed in a drawer someplace to keep little fingers from using them.


Q: My spouse needs to use the stairlift but I won’t. Will it be in my way?

A: Probably not.  The rail itself installs very close to the wall. The seat, arms, and footrest all fold up when not in use. This takes up just a foot of space with our smaller stairlifts.  Unless your staircase is unusually narrow, those walking on the steps will have plenty of space to navigate safely.


Q: Do I need to install a special outlet?

A: No. Our stairlifts are all battery powered, keeping your lift operating even during power outages. The only electrical requirements are a regular 110v (normal household current) outlet within several feet of either the top or bottom of the staircase. This is to plug in the charger that keeps your batteries continuously charged while the lift is not in use.


Q: Is it safe? I have kids/grandkids around.

A: Yes. The lift has safety switches on the footrest that will stop the unit if it bumps into anything while travelling. If this is a major concern, we can add an optional key switch to your stairlift’s controls.


Q: I know your pricing ‘installed,’ but what if I just want to buy the lift and put it in myself.

A: We don’t do that. This is for a number of reasons.  For a full explanation please call YourCare Medical Supply today and speak with one of our mobility access experts.


Q: There is a door at the top/bottom of my steps, will this work?

A: Yes. The normal rail extension at the top will allow, in most cases, for you to still open the door, swivel the seat and get off the stairlift normally at the top landing. The bottom rail normally extends to the floor past the first step, but we can cut the rail inside the door allowing the user to get off on the last step, open the door and then have only one step to navigate.


Q: There is a hallway at the bottom of my steps and the rail will be a tripping hazard. Can we keep the rail out of the walkway?

A: Yes. We can simply cut the rail off so it doesn’t extend into the hallway if the user is able to safely navigate one step, or we can add an optional folding rail at the bottom that can be safely folded out of the way when the stairlift is not in use.


Q: My staircase makes a turn, can I still use a stairlift?

A: Yes. We can measure your stairway and have a custom rail built to make a 90 degree turn, a 180 degree turn, multiple turns, intermediate landings and even spiral stairways.


Q: I have a split foyer. What are my options?

A: You have two otions. We can build a custom curved rail that will go on the INSIDE turn of the stairway. Most split foyers have just enough room on the landing for the front door to clear the rail and maintain full use of the entryway. If not, or if the user is able to move from one chair to the other at the middle landing, we can simply install two straight rail stairlifts.


Q: My staircase in only 6 steps long. Why does my lift cost as much as one that covers 14 steps?

A: We cut your rail to fit your steps. All of our stairlifts ship with 16′ of track which we then cut to fit your stairway. If your staircase is longer than 16′ we can add additional rail as needed.

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