• For any breastfeeding issues you should always contact your lactation consultant at the hospital where your baby was born. Most lactation services are now covered by your insurance carrier under the new Affordable Care Act regulations.
  • If you should have a problem with your new pump, please contact the manufacturer. Breastpumps are considered Hygiene products, and as such, the manufacturers will not allow us, YourCare Medical Supply, to resolve the problem. The manufacturer will troubleshoot any issues and resolve the problem with you personally.
  • 9 out of 10 pumping problems are related to the size of the breast shield you are using. Please consult your lactation consultant, the instruction booklet or the manufacturer’s website to determine your correct breastshield size. There are valuable tips and helpful videos on these manufacturer’s websites.
  • Your insurance carrier will cover the cost of replacement supplies for your new breastpump! You may get two (2) storage bottles, two (2) breastshields and one (1) set of replacement tubing per month during baby’s first year. Insurance will also cover the cost of a replacement power supply ( not a vehicle adapter) twice during the first year. Unfortunately, they will not cover the cost of valves, membranes or diaphragms for the breastshield connectors, but you CAN purchase these supplies from YourCare Medical Supply using your FSA / HSA card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Check or Cash.
  • Do Not use antibacterial cleaning products on the bottles or breastshields. It leaves a residue when it dries, then gets into the milk, and baby ingests it. Per Medela rep Lisa Os.
  • Please keep tubing out of reach of pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies) they like to chew holes in it!

From the entire staff at YourCare Medical Supply,