Adult Comfort Care

How can we help you or a loved one lead a more comfortable life? YourCare Medical Supply’s respiratory, therapeutic footwear, braces and support, and pain management products help provide peace of mind.

Improved sleep, breathing, circulation, and recovery are just a few ways that our comfort products can help. Our staff’s expertise, combined with our product offerings, help our customers lead a more comfortable life.


Going from the family room to the kitchen, getting to the bathroom, getting out of the house to spend time with family and friends, are just a few examples of what we take for granted until a physical challenge a rises.

If you or someone you love is suddenly faced with such challenges, YourCare Medical Supply can help. We provide a variety of mobility products and expertise to meet the physical and environmental needs for anyone desiring to improve and increase their mobility.


Bathing, getting in and out of a recliner, and putting on a pair of socks without assistance are just some of challenges many people face.

YourCare Medical Supply’s independence products and knowledge can provide the benefit of a more independent, fulfilling live. Contact us to learn how we can develop a solution specific to you or your loved one’s needs.

The images shown are intended as general representations of our product offerings. If you have an inquiry about a specific brand product, don't see what you are looking for, or have any other questions please CLICK HERE or call us at 585.377.5350.