Graduated compression hosiery helps prevent the occurrence of and guards against the further progression of venous disorders. Compression hosiery exerts a specific pressure against your legs which reduces the diameter of distended veins. This reduction in size causes an increase in venous blood flow velocity and valve effectiveness. As a result, pain and swelling is reduced.

Our selection of various brands, compression strengths, sizes and styles, provide the right fit and medical application for anyone in need of compression support and therapy. Moderate to extra firm compression strengths, knee high and thigh high, closed and open toe, dress, and casual styles are available for both men and women at YourCare Medical Supply.


If you are experiencing major or minor swelling, moderate to sever varicosities, tired or aching legs, compression hosiery can help. Our educated staff will apply the correct medical application and take all the necessary measurements to find the right compression stocking for you.

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