Power-wheelchair1Being mobile in both living and social settings while dealing with physical limitations, is a critical component in helping someone live an active and fulfilling life.

Travel power wheelchairs are designed not only for portability but also work well in compact or crowded spaces such as apartments, stores, cruise ships or malls. Travel models are disassembled by removing the seat, battery pack and base. Most components are relatively light but there may be some lifting involved in moving the heaviest components.

Folding power wheelchairs are also transportable, but unlike travel models are designed to also serve full-time mobility needs. Folding electric wheelchairs offered at YourCare Medical Supply have adaptable seating that accepts pressure-management cushions, full-coverage armrests, and highly supportive backrest options. These models also feature larger rear drive wheels, speeds up to 6 mph and perform well outdoors on paved and packed natural surfaces.

Although not easily transportable without the use of an accessible van or vehicle lift, center-wheel electric wheelchairs are among the most maneuverable models available. In tight, confined spaces, center-wheel drive electric wheelchairs not only require far less maneuvering than other power wheelchairs they are also quite easy to operate.

Designed for higher weight capacity users (ranging from 300 lbs. to 650 lbs.), heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are available in a variety of styles, including folding and center-wheel drive.

YourCare Medical Supply’s compassionate and skilled staff will help develop the best power wheelchair solution to meet your needs.

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