Although stair lifts are a necessity for the physically challenged or for the movement impaired patients in a post-surgery period, purchasing a new or reconditioned stair lift is not always in the budget. Renting one for a temporary period of time may be the best solution. In some cases, the use of a stair lift is for a short period of time, and makes more financial sense than investing in the purchase of a stair lift.
Acorn Stair Lifts
There are several scenarios where renting a stair lift may be the best option:

  • The person in need of the stair lift is in a temporary living situation
  • Post surgery while going through rehabilitation for several months
  • Use the stair lift while converting the home to a one story living space for the individual in need
  • Budget a “fixed’ rental payment per month versus a large upfront out of pocket cost for a purchase
  • No headaches – maintenance and repair costs are fully covered by the stair lift provider during the rental period
  • You have the option to purchase the stair lift following the rental/ lease period at a predetermined negotiated price

There are several companies like YourCare Lifts and Ramps that provide rent and rent to own options. Financially when renting a stair lift from YourCare Medical Supply, you will be charged an installation and un-installation fee, and two month’s rent in advance.  Only straight stair lifts are able to be rented, curved stair lifts are made custom and therefore would not work on a different stair case. YourCare Lifts and Ramps rents the Acorn, Brooks, and Harmar stair lift brands.

Call YourCare Medical Supply today and speak with one of our stair lift experts to determine if renting a stair lift is the best solution for you or your loved one.

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